Soulscape 2016

Singapore's most iconic yoga festival returned in 2016 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, and of course they would want Singapore's most iconic bean bags. doob Bean Bags covered the entire Tiger Lily Lounge like a ball pit for giants (but more comfy), while the festival goers, all decked in equally brightly coloured yoga attire, were sprawled all over the doobs as they watched the line up of performances, including capoeira demonstrations, or chillaxed to the beat of the ambient DJ and music sets.

For more photos of Soulscape, click here. For more gorgeous photos of yoga ON bean bags, check out this post by photographer and writer Cheryl Tay

Client: Soulscape Asia

Singapore International Jazz Festival 2016

So we were in Singjazz last year and EVERYBODY complained - that there weren't nearly enough bean bags to go around! So in 2016 we came back with EIGHTY doobs for the early festival attendees to enjoy. Apart from the international headlining acts like Joss Stone and Level 42, this year's Singjazz featured talented local acts like The Good Life Project and Charlie Lim.

Client: Orbis Festival Productions

Music For A Cause 2016

Singapore’s first Social Cause Music Festival, Music for a Cause features 10 local bands supporting 5 social causes, with a bunch of bean bags to best enjoy the awesome music by local acts like Jack and Rai and PennyLane.

Client: Love Action Project


As many parents would already be aware, doob bean bags are a hit with the young ones. So it came as no surprise when doob showed up at Lights! Sound! Action!, a theatre production at the Substation. The event was catered for children and organised by Gymnademics, an intellectual enrichment and children gym centre in SAFRA Toa Payoh Singapore. Stimulating all the senses is part of a child's development, and doob is proud to be responsible for helping out with your child's tactile perception (sense of touch).

Client: Gymnademics

Photo credit: Cheekiemonkie.net
Red Bull Flugtag
Red Bull Flugtag, Siloso Beach Sentosa

Red Bull, one of our regular corporate clients, got our doobs for the Pilots Lounge of Singapore's very first Flugtag.

We were thrilled to be invited (free Red Bull Vodka!), especially because we love crazy things, and you can't get crazier than a competition where contestants in silly costumes propel homemade aircraft and themselves off a man-made cliff. Thousands of people were there to witness this historic (and historically crazy) event hosted by the just as crazy Perfect 10 98.7FM deejays the Muttons.

The energy was electrifying, which might or might not have something to do with all that caffeine.
Hood Bar Grand Opening at Bugis+

When Hood Bar expanded to the huge live music venue in Bugis+ with a psychedelic animated wall in 2012, it took the opportunity to create a doobspot of twenty pink and black plops to pamper their clientele's butts. When it comes to furniture, bean bags definitely beat chairs hands down.

Hood Bar kicked off a launch party in October, and the who's who in the music industry was invited. Naturally, everyone gravitated towards the doobs, where we were waiting to ambush paparazzi style.
Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

There's nothing like a (bunch of) doob® bean bags to chill on, in between winning gold medals for your country!

doob® provided 30 large doobsta's in the colours of the Youth Olympic Games for the Culture and Education programme for athletes.
ZoukOut 2010

What's cooler than dancing and gyrating at Asia's biggest dance music festival? Well, it has to be chilling out and having fun on doob® bean bags at Asia's biggest dance music festival - ZoukOut 2010 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa! doob® provided 10 large doobsta's in various colours at the booth of Havaianas Sandals, which (both the bean bags and the flip flops!) evidently were a hit with the young and trendy ZoukOut crowd.

Our very cool friend Nipuna, who was there (and we were not because we had to leave after delivery :( ), reported to us via our Facebook page: "The doob® Bean Bags were immensly popular for those who needed a break from the partying. I only saw one free bean bag around 9.30pm. After that there was always a crowd of people sitting down looking all snug =D"
DOSHNBUSH Flea Sledge Away @ *SCAPE

A flea market organised by the cool dudes at DoshnBush, Flea Sledge Away was held at *SCAPE at Orchard, attracting a large youth crowd that thronged the fully-filled basement. doob® is proud to be the sponsor of the high turnout event, which also saw quite a number of interested customers come down specially to try out our bean bags. And of course, true to our doobious ways, we couldn't let up the chance to politely request like-minded and helpful people to pose for some photos.
Wave House
FLEA FLOW at Wave House, Sentosa

doob® was at Wave House at Sentosa on 22 and 23 May for a weekend of fun, participating in the Wavehouse's Flea Flow Flea Market, alongside with 987 FM Deejays. We held a "doob® goes to the beach!" promotion - anyone could come on down to take a photo at our booth with our bean bags and be entitled to a 15% discount off all doob® bean bag prices! What's more, we had one lucky person (or persons, if you took the photo in a group) walk away with a FREE doob® bean bag! We asked for some crazysexycool photos and here's a sample of what we've got! (More on our Facebook album)