Facebook and Instagram Promo
Terms and Conditions

You (the customer) agree to all of these terms and conditions to enjoy the rebate:
  1. Percentage rebate is calculated off purchase price.
    E.g.: 10% rebate off a Large doobsta' ($199) is $19.90.

  2. Maximum percentage rebate per purchase is 10%.

  3. To enjoy the promotion, the customer is to forward his/her electronic (email) purchase order to sales@getdoob.com with the following details after executing the steps (1 to 5) set out in the instructions above:
    a. Date of Facebook/Instagram post
    b. Facebook/Instagram account name (for tracking purposes)

  4. Facebook and Instagram Promo does not apply in conjunction with other promotions, nor does it apply for doob bean bags not purchased from www.getdoob.com.

  5. doob bean bags take no responsibility over wrongly-transferred funds as a result of incorrect or inaccurate information provided by the customer.

  6. doob bean bags reserve the right to withhold any rebate without providing justification. However some reasons may include: offensive/inappropriate post/language; failure to execute all the steps set out above; or no record of purchase.

  7. doob bean bags shall not use the banking information provided by the customer for purpose of the promotion for any other use.

  8. The customer grants doob bean bags the licence to freely use his uploaded photos for marketing and promotional purposes.

  9. Privacy settings for all uploaded photos and content are to be set to "Public" and be visible to public.

  10. All uploaded photos and content are to adhere to Facebook terms of use and Singapore laws.