Fwoomp - lower your other bean bags' self-esteem
Available Colours:
Fwoomp - lower your other bean bags’ self-esteem
Sizes / Prices:
97cm x 91cm x 71cm S$229 $149

Fabric Material:
Polyester fabric with PVC undercoat
(water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash)
Cotton inner lining
Polyurethane crumb foam

a tootsie for your footsie? The process of bean bag evolution, for those who believe in it, is a slow and gradual process. Once every while however, bean bag evolution takes a leap forward... and makes a “Fwoomp” sound in the process. Under the veneer of the doob® Fwoomp, is a bean bag filled with Polyurethane (PU) foam (you know, the stuff Memory Foam is made of). This means a few things.

First of all, the Fwoomp will not require topping up of doob pellets, unlike regular bean bags, which would inevitably need extra beans once or twice a year, even the ones that use tiny beans. The PU foam just bounces back into its original form, giving you a sturdy Fwoomp for years.

Secondly, because PU behaves differently from our regular doob pellets, we get to fill a Fwoomp to the brim with PU. It looks great without any slack, and feels great too. Just like a waterbed.

Thirdly PU makes the Fwoomp our greenest doob. The PU we use is made from recycling the bits left over in the mattress manufacturing process and is more biodegradable than regular EPS foam. Also, the PU is shipped to us compressed, so the carbon footprint of the Fwoomp is smaller.

Together with other awesome features like side pockets (for all your remotes and stuff), air vents (so you don’t bust a seam), and a carrying handle, the Fwoomp will really float your boat. As with the Soopadoopa and plop, the Fwoomp is water-resistant and its tough polyester cover is removable for easy maintenance. If your other bean bags had wrists they’d slit them.
Fwoomp fun! Fwoomp fun!
Due to colours onscreen appearing differently due to varying monitor settings, fabric colours on our website may vary slightly in shade from the actual product.
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