Questions you always wanted to ask but didn't have to because there was a FAQ handy.
Cool bean bags!
Price and Payment
Q: What bang am I getting for my buck?

  • better materials. Our polyester is given a water-repellent undercoat, our synthetic leather is the good kind used to make car-seats and our machine-washable fabric is a durable Japanese Rayon. Our inner bag is a strong tetoron-cotton fabric that doesn't rip easily. We also use child-safe zippers from YKK™ in our design. Our filling is higher density and thus longer-lasting. Heck, we use about twice the material compared to the average bean bag.
  • better design. doob Bean Bags are double-layered (we call it "dooble-layered")! Apart from the fact that you actually are able to clean your bean bag without getting the innards spilling everywhere, this makes our beanbags more durable than others. We also incorporate other features such as air vents into our designs to make them less likely to burst.
  • better workmanship. Our bean bags are proudly made in Singapore. This means that we have much tighter control over our quality. We also have a one-year guarantee (see our FAQ on Products below) just in case something slips past our watchful butts.
  • better care. We've been serving customers since the start of 2010, and we're still going strong! We have a reputation you can count on and we want you to be sure you're getting your money's worth.
What you WON'T be getting is a bean bag whose manufacturer's only concern is to squeeze as much profit as possible by churning out cheaply-made products and cutting corners on materials, design and workmanship, resulting in a bean bag that becomes prematurely unusable, costing you even more money to replace and worse, a mess to clean up and a hazard to safety.

For at-a-glance info on our prices, check out our Size & Price Chart!

Q: How do I order / make payment?

A: Our official shop is on mrphy.sg. Browse the doob bean bag you want, select the colour and size (if applicable), any add-ons, and add to cart. You will be brought to a payment page that will be processed by PayPal, a secure payment gateway. Don’t worry, you can pay with major credit cards, no need to have a PayPal account.
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If you would like to pay via internet banking/ATM funds transfer/PayNow, write to us with your order and we will get back to you on the details!

bean bags delivered to you in Singapore
doob® to ya'
Q: Delivery charges?

A: Within Singapore
(Total Purchase Amount : Single-trip Delivery Charge)
Less than $20 : $5 (courier)
Above $20 : FREE* (courier)

* NOTE: One-time, single-trip only.

A: International
We do ship unfilled doob bean bags internationally! Drop us an email at sales@getdoob.com

Q: When will I receive my bean bag?

A: Upon successful payment, your order should be ready for delivery within 5 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Our logistics provider would also be calling you beforehand to arrange a delivery timing at your convenience.

Q: My boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / bff / boss / colleague / teacher / student / neighbour/ pet's anniversary / birthday / housewarming / farewell is this week and I only heard about doob® today! Is there anything you can do?

A: Email us with your request, stating especially which doob® bean bag you want and when you will need the doob® to be delivered. We will get back to you as soon as we can as to our ability to persuade the doob bean bag in question to hurry up and get ready (they are pretty vain, you know how it is).


bean bags of all shapes and sizes
(the best thing since peelable bananas)
Q: What makes a doob® Bean Bag?

A: Each doob® consists of a durable inner bag that holds fresh higher density expanded polystyrene pellets / filler, and a removable outer cover which can be washed or swapped with another doob® cover.

Q: How big are doob® Bean Bags? I'm afraid I can't fit them in my room!

A: Our doob® Bean Bags come in various sizes, so that you can always choose the right one for your room! Check out our Size & Price Chart.

Q:I still can't decide which size to get!

A: To help you decide, you might want to make an appointment to visit our doobspace and we will set you up on a speed dating session with all our very attractive and eligible bean bags, or you can visit any of the doob spots in Singapore!

Q: Ack! I got the wrong size! (It was bigger than I imagined if you know what I mean)

A: Never fear! You have a hundred days to exchange it!

Q: I have a psychological condition (badbeanbagphobia) stemming from my previously purchased cheapo bean bag from [some brand that is not doob] which disappointed and traumatised me by exploding/melting/running away from home. How can I be sure this doesn't happen again?

A: We are proud to say that we have a One Year Warranty on our doob bean bags that covers manufacturer's defects from the date that you receive our bean bags. Examples of manufacturer's defects include workmanship defects like skipped stitches or flaws in materials like defective zippers and fabric.

Of course, this does not apply to damage caused by misuse. For example, do not use your bean bag for olympic diving practice and do not make your bean bags listen to Baby Shark on repeat.

Q: I have rascals living in my house and I'm afraid that they will make a mess by opening up my doob. Do you have anything that can help to make it child-proof?

A: Absodoobly! doob bean bags first of all have two layers. This means double the protection. In addition, the inner bag has its zipper cut off to discourage itchy fingers. Should you require to open the inner bag (for topping up, for example), refer to the section on maintenance below.

If your kid is little, you can check out the oomph mini we made just for them.

Q: I have pets. What do you recommend?

A: From our experience, pet-owners and pet cafe owners tend to get doob Bean Bags from our polyester range. This would include the plopsta’, the plop, the oomph, and the platoopat. This is because the fabric is more water-repellent and resistant to claws.

Q: Your bean bags don't look like the bean bags I've come to accept as the norm.

A: Yes, but can your bean bag do these things?

Q: What is this SPRINGFLUX add-on that I see in your product page?

A: SPRINGFLUX™ is the only bean bag filler in the world that is made from a blend from higher-density EPS pellets (the same kind that we use for our standard filling), and EPP. The result is a bean bag that lasts way longer than before! Why not just use EPP? Because by itself, EPP is very stiff, and makes the bean bag unable to mould to your butt.

Q: Help! My doob® Bean Bag is too comfortable and I can't get out of it!

A: Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this. We're not sorry.

how to refill beanbags
(because you can't keep a good man down)
Q: How can I maintain my bean bag cover?

A: Each doob® Bean Bag comes with a removable, washable outer cover so you can always keep your bean bags clean! Do get some fresh bean bag pellets / filler if you would like to inject a new spring into your bean bag! Water-repellent Polyester and Synthetic Leather doob covers (plop, plopsta', tootsie, platoopat, Soopadoopa, Soopatoona) can be wiped with a wet cloth without need for removing the cover, although you can remove them to rinse if you like (or if someone made a huge mess). Rayon doob covers (doobsta', toonacan) can be machine-washed. Spandex bean bags are machine-washable but the fwoomp in particular is better rinsed or hand-washed due to the polyester component of the bean bag.

Q: What about the stuff inside the inner bag?

A: The filling of a doob bean bag is high quality EPS pellets which are denser than our competitors, and so last longer! However, all EPS fillings will eventually settle and compress after a period of use (how much depends on the frequency and the... vigorousness of your usage). We are giving all our doob bean bag customers one free top-up for each bean bag ordered!

Q: FREE top-up!?

A: Yes, free top-up! We are giving a pack of 50L of EPS pellets for every doob bean bag* ordered from 1 July 2016 onwards and purchased from our website or any of our awesome resellers. Do keep the card that came tagged onto your doob and make an appointment with us to collect this free refill. Refer to our contact page on our business hours and REMEMBER TO BRING THE CARE CARD! If you prefer, you can bring down your doob bean bag and we can help you with the refill.

*not including the tootsie, the FWOOARMREST, the poochsta', the platami and the Giant Five Stones Bean Bag Set.

Q: Okay... I misplaced the instructions (who reads them anyway?). Could you remind me how to unzip my inner bag?

A: Don't worry about it! It's not like it contains hints on how to get discounts and freebies from us... or does it? Anyway, the inner bag is easily opened by sliding a paper clip through the hole in the zipper latch; The paperclip unlocks the zipper and acts as a tab for you to pull the zipper open.

Q: I already have a bean bag, but it's not a doob®. Can I still buy your bean bag pellets / filler / refill?

A: Certainly. We believe that all bean bags deserve to be filled, even *cough* non-doobs. Check out our bean bag pellets / filler.

Q: I've gotten a doob bean bag from you. Can I buy another cover to match my new curtains?

A: Of course! Email us with the address you last ordered with (or leave us the mobile number you gave us)! doob Bean Bag covers are exclusively for existing doob customers. We’ll send you a secure credit card payment request via email.

If you would like to pay via internet banking/ATM funds transfer/PayNow, write to us with your order and we will get back to you on the details!