What Makes a doob Bean Bag a Good Bean Bag?

We know what many of you are thinking. Yes, you heard that doob is the most awesome brand of bean bags around, and for some of you, maybe even your friends have told you that. But what about doob Bean Bags is making everyone crazy about them? Read on good people and find out!

happy doob bean bag customers!
1. High Quality Materials,
High Quality Workmanship

doob bean bags are built to last. We spend a little bit more on better materials and awesome seamstresses to make sure you won’t have a leaky and crummy bean bag a year down the road. For example:
  • doob bean bags are made with strong materials (Japanese Rayon, Water-repellent Polyester, Car-Seat Leather) which will take a beating;
  • doob bean bags are made in Singapore! We personally QC each bean bag before it gets shipped out, which means almost zero defects*!
  • doob Bean Bags are proudly Made With Passion. Endorsed and curated by the Singapore Brand Office, brands bearing the Made With Passion label are recognised for the hard work and passion that goes behind their pursuit of excellence. doob Bean Bags is proud to be one of only 10 home and decor brands to earn the label in 2021. Read more about the Made With Passion project here.
2. Child Safety
We know bean bags are a hit with the kids. That’s why we bother to make our bean bags safer for children.
  • doob bean bags are all double-layered. This means that prying fingers won’t accidentally make a huge mess when opening the cover. People with bean bags without an inner bag, watch out for the eventual disaster!
  • doob bean bags use child-safe zips for their inner bags. These zips have their flaps removed, and keep your inner bag sealed till you decide to open it.
happy kids on safe doob bean bags!
3. Easy Maintenance
We know some of you like your things spick and span. And that includes your bean bags! That's why we make doob bean bags especially easy to clean!
  • We mentioned that doob bean bags are all double-layered. This makes the outer cover removable for cleaning! How about that!
  • For rayon bean bags like the doobsta’ and the toonacan, the covers are machine-washable.
  • For water-repellent bean bags like the plopsta’ and the Soopadoopa, you don’t have to remove the covers to clean it, just wipe with a wet cloth. You could remove the covers to rinse thoroughly if you really want though!
We know that many bean bags out there don’t let you clean them; after all, they might not even last long enough to get dirty, so why think that far? We know some of you don’t feel the need to wash your bean bags, but hey, it’s nice to have the option to do so. Some of our doobers have shared horror stories of cleaning their ex-bean bags, by taking the beans out making a huge mess, cleaning the bag, then putting the beans back in, making another mess.
doob's rayon bean bag covers are machine-washable
spill-proof, water-resistant bean bags!
4. After Sales Support
Like any good product, doob follows through. Our doobers can attest to this. Whether you need a replacement cover after you’ve redecorated, or you want to repair a bean bag that your kid got all creative with, the doob team is there to advise you and provide solutions where we are able to. Like we mentioned, we also have a half-year guarantee against defects.

We’re in it with you for the long run, after all, we've been around since 2010 and we’re planning on sticking around! Since you believed in doob enough to get a doob bean bag, we want to be there for you if you need us down the road. You can’t expect this kind of commitment from a “business” that is out there trying to make a quick buck from you by selling you cheap bean bags that don’t last.

So in short, we make the kind of bean bag that we would want to buy, and we know you would too. If you have any remaining doubts, just ask any of our many doobers! People who get doob know a good thing when they see one, and while knowing how to have fun, they have the sense to be discerning about quality. We’re willing to bet that if you’re reading this, you’re probably one as well.

* in the rare event that a defect got past our checks, we have a warranty for you! Check out our FAQ