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2022 September
The Business Times (September 29, 2022)

“There’s nothing like a hug to feel better, but what if you are alone? Some time spent sitting in the huggu might calm nerves down.

huggu looks like an armchair, but with weighted cushions and armrests that wraps the user, making him feel comfortable, safe and at ease. Designed in collaboration with design studio STUCK Design, it even comes with a footstool that you can snuggle your feet into.“
2022 September
The Straits Times (September 24, 2022)

“As doob Bean Bags took off, Mr Low and Mr Cheng found that their products were becoming particularly popular with individuals on the autism spectrum.

"The sensory nature of a bean bag actually makes it effective in general in promoting calm, and reducing anxiety. There's even a term for using bean bags in this way: pressure therapy," says Mr. Low.

When the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic threw mental health into the spotlight, Mr Low and Mr Cheng realised that they could take pressure therapy beyond bean bags.”
2022 August
Singapore @ Home 2022 (August 6, 2022)

As part of the nation's 57th birthday celebrations, Singapore Global Network organised and streamed a global live show - Singapore @ Home 2022 - to connect overseas Singaporeans and feature local businesses. doob Bean Bags' founders Shane Low and Jay Cheng shared about the brand and the processes that go into making these well-loved bean bags. watch video >>
2022 August
The Straits Times (August 5, 2022)

"Style collaborations by S'pore brands for National Day To celebrate Singapore's 57th birthday, batik-centric fashion label YeoMama Batik has created a new print and collection, Bloom. Inspired by national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, the original orchid batik motif is illustrated in delicate continuous strokes to represent "strength and resilience through both memorable and challenging times", says the brand. It does not end there. As part of an upcycling initiative, the label is collaborating with two other Singapore brands and a charity organisation. Using fabric offcuts from the Bloom collection, artisanal footwear label Palola and bean bag brand doob have been roped in to make hand-crafted shoes ($275) and tote bags ($40) respectively, so batik fans can wear a complete outfit." read more >>
2021 December
CNA Lifestyle (January 17, 2022)

"With soothing scents in place, bring the feeling of ease up a notch with a couple of doob Bean Bags. The brand is best known for its belief in no-nonsense comfort and affordable quality, and the latest collection of neutral-toned doob Bean Bags invokes a sense of warm cosiness. Visitors will undoubtedly appreciate that extra cushy comfort as they kick back for an extended catch-up session." read more >>
2022 January
theAsianparent (January 14, 2022)

"Fancy some beanbags for the kids? doob® Bean Bags, also awarded with the Made with Passion brand mark, makes comfortable, safe, long-lasting, and easy to clean bean bags. Your kids are sure to love the bright and colourful exteriors of the bean bags like the doobsta’ versatile fabric bean bag. As the co-founder Shane Low says, “doob® Bean Bags is a very excitable personality that shows enthusiasm, curiosity, and an irreverent sense of humour.”; No surprises there, given their brand mission is “Saving the world, one butt at a time!" read more >>
2022 January
KrisShop (January 9, 2022)

"We both share a love and appreciation for design, where form and function meet to produce a good product. It brings us joy when customers write in to tell us how much they and their families in turn love their bean bags, sometimes even years later.” - Shane Low, 39 and Jay Cheng, 39. Founders of doob Bean Bags." read more >>
2021 December
8world.com (December 2, 2021)

"doob Bean Bags, a bean bag company founded by Shane Low and Jay Cheng, has its 10th anniversary this year. Due to the epidemic, a series of celebration plans were forced to stop, but they took the opportunity to launch new products and also pushed products overseas." read more >>
2021 September
Marketing Interactive (September 23, 2021)

"Singapore’s national marketing initiative “Made With Passion” has selected 64 new brands to join its slate, bringing the total number of brands to 111. New names to the Made With Passion slate include … visionary homeware brands such as Scanteak and doob Bean Bags." read more >>
2021 September
The Moodie Davitt Report (September 23, 2021)

"This year, local brands including State Property, RedDot BrewHouse and doob Bean Bags will progressively join the Made With Passion collective on KrisShop." read more >>
2021 September
Augustman (September 2021)

"By the way, if you were to chance upon a trash bag on the exhibition table, please do not be a good samaritan and throw it away. It is actually a bean bag by multidisciplinary designer Nathan Yong..." read more >>
2021 July
Singapore Home & Decor (July 2021)

"Who says pet furniture can’t be stylish? These days, pets are spoiled for choice with the wide range of designer furniture available. From doggie bean bags to cat condos, finding something that blends into your décor is easier than ever..." read more >>

2021 May
Nathan Yong: In the scheme of things (May 2021)

"2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Nathan Yong’s foray into the furniture scene. Yong was then the first Singaporean to gain global acclaim and attention thanks to collaborations with international brands, paving the way for a younger generation of designers." read more >>

2020 November
The Wedding Vow Singapore (November 2020)

"If you have ever sunk into a cushy bean bag after a tiring day, you would know hardly anything else feels cosier and relaxing. Bean bags are definitely one of the best places to snuggle on with a good book and a cup of coffee." read more >>

2019 Jan
Channel News Asia (January 2019) and Others

"Furnishing and décor pieces are also available at Design Orchard. Sister brands doob Bean Bags and SoftRock Living by Shane Low and Jay Cheng..." read more >>

Also featured on 8 days, Business Insider, Coconuts Singapore, Nylon, Shape and Yahoo! News.
2018 Oct
SquareRooms – October 2018 Issue

"Mood Enhancers: Furniture and accessories in colours that are good for the soul.

The Colour Purple: Let purple reign for a royal and sophisticated feel"
2018 Mar
Home ​& Decor – March 2018 Issue

“Built above two steps, the platform’s wooden decking is seemingly supported by l-beams, which can be made out from its edges. “Initially we wanted a cosy area for us to watch TV without a couch,” says Jaret, “but I think Kelvin’s platform idea turned out nicely. When we lay on our bean bags to watch TV, it is very comfortable because the screen is at eye level.”
2018 Mar
Expat Living – Home & Property Guide 2018

"This one started the whole shebang - a versatile bean bag made of high-quality Japanese rayon that can be moved into all sorts of seating positions."
2017 Feb
2017 Jan
Lookbox Annual 2017 - Special Edition

"Out and About: From sprawling backyards to compact balconies, these outdoor additions will set the tone for chic relaxation."
2016 Nov
Nylon Singapore – November 2016

“Second only to a bed, beanbags are perhaps the most comfortable objects on earth. Couches are great too, but there’s nothing like having a soft, cosy, life-sized cushion that moulds itself according to your body shape. A perfect fit is always guaranteed!

What’s better than good ol’ beanbags though, are beanbags with awesome designs, something that doob has plenty of. The local beanbag producer – know for its colourful and quirky designs – are planning to release a brand new collection of pastel-hued, macaron-looking beanbags, which will launch this Christmas.”
2016 Sep
The Finder – Issue 275

“Want to enjoy a dip and read at the same time? Then, check out the new doob Plopsta’ Alfresco Bean Bag ($329), which works on or off the water. It’s durable and dries easily once you’ve had your fun. Best of all, it’s strong enough to fit three people in one seating!”
2016 Apr
2014 Jun
2014 Apr
MediaCorp Okto - Wizards of Honey Street

doob Bean Bags were featured in MediaCorp's Okto Channel for their series Wizards of Honey Street, and appeared in every episode of the series.

Wizards of Honey Street is a fantasy drama about seven young magical creatures who have to hide their real selves in a human world. They have a common ambition: to become head prefect in Primary 6. But they are forbidden to use any magical power in their quest. doob Bean Bags were proud to furnish the Prefects' Room with colourful bean bags. No magic was used.

Check out the episodes here.
2013 Nov/Dec

"doob Bean Bags - top, top gaming gear. One word - must have. Well that was two, but still, these babies belong in every gaming den everywhere."

- 13 cool pics from Sitex 2013, 28 November 2013

"What better way to dominate FIFA14 than in a living room, among friends, with a doob Bean Bag - quite possibly the comfiest of all bean bags anywhere. The best thing is the sheer variety of ways to lounge on them.

We took three to Sitex; they were a welcome relief for aching legs after a long day of shopping."

- Gadgets and tech we took to Sitex 2013, 3 December 2013
2012 Nov
2012 Apr
MediaCorp TV12 - okto
Groom My Room!

doob® Bean Bags were featured on MediaCorp's okto channel for their Groom My Room series 7 episode 6 and again in series 8 episode 1.

Groom My Room is a show where one kid each week gets to transform his/her dream bedroom into reality! With assistance from an interior designer, manly labour and a bubbly host, the kid would have to design, shop and decorate his/her own room on time and on budget!

Check out the videos:
Series 7 Episode 6
Series 8 Episode 1 (go to 09:51)
2012 Feb
A Whole New Bag of Tricks

What's doob®?

doob® makes affordable, chic bean bags. Beyond furniture, doob® is also a culture; it’s built a fan base through lifestyle-focused marketing and energetic online campaigns.

doob® broke the beanbag cartel (a line other finance writers can only dream of typing) through pricing, innovation, and what industry experts technically call being damn happening. So if you need a beanbag, drop by getdoob.com; their products are better (and cheaper) than what you’ll find in furniture stores. Also, free delivery!

- doob® Bean Bags: A Whole New Bag of Tricks, 6 February 2012

Full interview here.
2012 Jan
8 Days Magazine
doob® revels in some local pride!

"Bean There, Done That?

Bean Bags? Aren't they lumpy sacks that try to pass off as furniture, favoured by students who can't afford actual chairs? Well, you haven't met doob bean bags. Designed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans (the dimensions and materials used are suitable for local sizes and our tropical weather), these bean bags are chic and, some say, annoyingly comfortable. We're most impressed by their ingenious versatility - the large doobsta' can transform from an armchair to a recliner with a few well-placed pats. At $199, the doodad doesn't come cheap, so you can be sure that the doobsta's many fans love its bean bag-ness (and not 'cos they can't afford a real couch). doob® Bean Bags come in other shapes and sizes, and are good for lounging in, watching TV on, and for feeling like you're young and carefree again."

- Singa-more, please! 8 Days, Jan 2012 issue
2011 Nov
FHM Singapore
What's cooler than a doob® Bean Bag? A hot model on a doob® Bean Bag!

FHM Singapore got hold of a few doob® Bean Bags for a photoshoot with Russian model Margo P.

"The awesome bean bags for this shoot came in courtesy of doob® Bean Bags. They offer a colourful and chillaxing range of sleepers that'll hold firm, keep you steady and snag you for good. You can get synthetic leather, durable nylon or cool cotton - for a variety of purposes. Though most of it, we reckon, will be horizontal."

- FHM Singapore, Nov 2011 issue
"As for making the guests feel at home, I rented black and white bean bags from doob. They’re actually an awesome bean bag retailer, but they do also rent out bean bags for parties and events.

As many of the little guests aren’t actually walking yet, and many are still crawling in fact. I decided to make this a no-shoes party to keep the floor clean for them (hence all the gift socks above… Aaaaah, now you see!), and the soft, plush and cosy bean bags were perfect for this occasion (and spill-proof)!"

(Rent doob Bean Bags for your event or party! http://www.getdoob.com/beanbag-rental.html)
"We just got our doob Bean Bag and it’s creating riot at our home. 5 ways in which it’s raising the fun meter at my home, lemme tell you.

Obviously the moment, doob Bean Bag arrived, whose butt will sit on it was a million dollar question. Boy said that he gets to use first because he’s the baby of the house and girl said that she’s the first-born so it’s her right to use it first.

So far, I have always imagined bean bag as a static shaped object. But, doob Bean Bag is a pleasant surprise because it can be positioned in several different ways. Actually, you can get as creative as you wish and turn it into a sofa, a mattress or a boat or anything…

Frankly speaking, kids have hi-jacked doob Bean Bag permanently! So when they are in school or tuitions, I quickly settle my backside on my doob and enjoy some me-moments. How cool is this bean bag because it fits my shape perfectly. Also, I can easily move it wherever I want and just chill…

Not a single boring moment with our doob Bean Bag, you know! Do you have a bean bag? How your family has fun with it? Do share. And if you don’t have one, believe me, it’s time to get one!”
"If you ever thought of getting a beanbag for the room. Don't hesitate... it is worth the investment. A tradition beanbag would provide you a seating area. A doob plopsta'... well that is a on a whole different level altogether.

The doob plopsta' is made of polyester with PU undercoat. The material is Water Resistant and Spill Proof. That means a longer lifespan as drinks would not affect the material. Each plopsta' is double layer. This helps to keep the beans in even if the outer layer is opened so there is no chance of a messy situation.

The main reason why we chose the doob plopsta' is due to its versatility. Compared to a standard beanbag. There are plenty of ways to use the doob plopsta' . We decided to opt for the larger size as it will be more comfortable for both child and adult.

If you get a bean bag, you might get worry that the bean bag may not be as taut as new after continuous use. No need to worry about that with doob as they provide a Free Top Up when you feel that your bean bag need a refresher!

You could even personalise the doob with your name embroidered on it. If you are looking for a birthday or house warming gift, this would be a great option to consider.

It does not matter if you want to have a Doob in your bedroom or your living room, the doob plopsta looks great everywhere. With a wide selection of colours to choose from (we counted 23), you could opt for one colour or two-tone bean bag to match your decor.

After having the doob plopsta' for a few weeks, we are head over heels for doob."
"We knew right from the start that bean bags were a must have and we wanted Doob Bags!
One of the reason and perhaps the main reason why we chose Doob Bag over other bean bags in the market is the fact that it is plushy and comfortable without being too soft and deflated. There are definitely ‘softer’ bean bags out there compared to Doob Bag but somehow they retain the indent of your body and in my opinion will likely not last very long. I would hate to sit in a super deflated bean bag in 6 months time.

Our Doob bag on the other hand may feel alittle firm to the touch but trust me, it is super comfortable once you land your butt on it. Only problem is you might never want to get up!

The Doob bag comes in different shapes and sizes so you can select the one which works for your space or purpose. You can also choose the fabric (polyester, synthetic leather or rayon). We went with the polyester fabric because it is water resistant which is perfect when you have little kids that are spill monsters.
We also love the fact that the Doob bag is a double-layered design which means no little bean bag pellets spilling out and you can remove the cover for cleaning. The bean bag also comes with a 1-year guarantee and free delivery within Singapore (so no lugging beanbags in your car boot from the store)."
"When I was younger I used to persistently beg my parents for a bean bag because I thought it was really cool and comfortable and just the perfect thing to sit on after a long day, and I was really jealous of friends or cousins who had them. 10 years later, I still feel the same way: I even contemplated getting a bean bag for my university dorm room a few years back, but yet again, my beanbag plan was twarted because my roommate veto-ed that option citing reasons like it would take up a lot of space in our already-crammed room."

"NOW, after a really difficult and arduous furniture journey (#firstworldproblems), I can finally say I own a bean bag, all thanks to the lovely people at doob Bean Bags and Naiise! The Large Plop Beanbag is now a beloved fixture in our living room, and Imran has been secretly plotting a plan to steal my bean bag back to his home, which he says will be perfect for his "PS3 area"."

"Loving this bean bag because:
  • It is made of durable polyester/nylon and coated on the underside with spill-resistant PVC, which means you never have to worry about getting your bean bag dirty, just a wet cloth to wipe off any spills or dust will do!
  • It is also fur-resistant so your pets can be on it too! Although my cat doesn't seem to take a liking to the beanbag...
  • The bean bag is also double-layered for durability, unlike cheaper single-layered bean bags that make a huge mess once the stitching gives way (not to mention that it's a lot safer for kids).
  • AND, the bean bag is born and bred in Singapore - I was really impressed that the bean bag was actually made just for me days before delivery, this way I know I'm receiving a brand new bean bag, instead of one that might have just been sitting in a store room collecting dust, or sat on by people."
"Designed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans, doob Bean Bags are of high quality, chic, and incredibly comfy as well. We received the medium-sized Plopsta, which the monkies immediately fell upon it in delight... and refused to move thereafter."

"We all know how a bean bag often sucks you into whatever position you plopped into it. But the amazing thing about the Plopsta is that when it comes to lazing positions, it is highly versatile - which I never thought a simple bean bag could be capable of."

"There is no denying that I am oversized, so if there is something that I lay on and can STILL retain a fair semblance of its original shape then it has got to be a miracle. I have snuggled in it for long periods on the doob and so far, it has done a neat job in fluffing back to the shape it was in before I burdened it with my presence."

"Most importantly though, I learnt that this doob truly eats one's will to move. First it was the wifey, then the monkies and finally, I fell prey to it. It is supremely comfortable, to the point where the wifey had nearly fallen alseep in it quite the number of times."

"Maintenance-wise, it is extremely easy. Each doob Bean Bag consists of a durable inner lining that holds fresh polystyrene pellets, and a removable outer cover which can be washed or swapped with another doob cover. I don't know if it has to do with the Polyester with PVC undercoat fabric material, but another notable thing about the doob is how well it manages to breathe and doesn't make our skin all sweaty and slimy after prolonged lazing.

You can probably tell by now that we love our bean bag from doob by now. So if you are looking for a funky chair for your home but do not want to go the traditional route and yet sacrifice comfort, it is time to get doob-ed.

Your posterior will thank you for it."
Hi Team doob®! My boyfriend absolutely loves the beanbag and it's being taken over by his 2 nieces as well. He gets home to see them already on it. Hahaha. Thanks for the excellent service and for helping to get the bean bag to him not too long after his birthday even though it was a long shot. Am definitely recommending doob® to anyone I know who wants a bean bag! Much love!
- Ruby
Our girls simply love the beanbags, they bounce around on them for most of the day, and they are holding up well considering what my girls put them through.... we will be ordering more since the kids don't let us use them! Great colour choices, and wonderful personal service that I can't criticize. Many thanks and I hope your company goes from strength to strength!
- Hollie
Thanks for your prompt reply and information. I wished my relocation agent could be this efficient.
- Craig