doob Bean Bags as therapy for Children with Special Needs
the bean bag of choice for many schools and special needs facilities

Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Individuals with special needs
Some people require assistance for disabilities that may be mental or psychological in nature. There are various conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and other various learning difficulties; some individuals may have a combination of more than one condition.
Sensory processing disorders and sensory integration therapy
Special needs individuals, especially children, ideally require various forms of therapy to develop, and one such therapy includes sensory integration, which in general addresses children who are sensitive to certain sensations, for example textures. Sensory integration therapy might involve developing an affected child’s sense of touch until he or she is no longer crippled by the sensitivity and can develop better holistically.
doob Bean Bags for sensory integration therapy
A doob bean bag is great for implementing sensory integration therapy. For example, children on the autism spectrum often enjoy a sense of firm overall pressure, and several established activities include weighted objects like belts and blankets, or being squashed by pillows and firm hugs. These can form a basis for play, interaction and showing affection.

Using a doob bean bag is a natural extension of these activities, and we are proud to say that doobs are being used by Allied Educators in Ministry of Education schools and educational institutions, to facilitate the development of special needs children. It also makes us glad to hear feedback on how the doobs are well-received, and how it helps comforting a child with special needs. Here’s an excerpt from one Allied Educator:

"Some of them have sensory issues and using the bean bags helps to regulate their sensory needs. Some of them would sit in between two bean bags as they give a sense of protection and comfort. There are many more reasons why we get the bean bags but mostly it helps our students with autism [that have sensory issues] regulate."
contributes to a conducive environment for development
calming for children

On top of the therapeutic benefits of doob bean bags, the high quality of workmanship and design ensures that our bean bags are an excellent investment that will bring enjoyment for your child for years. Features like a removable cover and an inner bag ensures easy cleaning and a durable and safer product, compared to inferior, mass-produced bean bags in the market.

If you would like to try out our bean bags, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us to view them. We would be delighted to assist you where we can.

* Please do not regard this article as professional medical advice. Do consult your therapist or medical practitioner to confirm your child’s specific requirements.

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